Monday, December 1, 2008


Regnare est bonum

We at DOOMbrothers have been asked if we do not think that we are arrogant in our approach to viewing the entirety of the cosmos in terms of how it might affect us. Like many questions, this rises not from lack of intelligence, but from ignorance of fundamental principles of life.
In a symposium in Krakow in 1973, honoring Copernicus’ 500th birthday, Dr. Brandon Carter coined the term Anthropic Principle. It basically states that in order to understand the origins and makeup of the universe and the laws of physics one must account for man. That is, since we are here, only a universe that has laws of physics that can support us can adequately account for the universe in which we live. For example, a universe made of antimatter would support something, but certainly not human life; and therefore the universe cannot be made of antimatter. Pretty snazzy logic this and we here at DOOMbrothers like it. It places man in the catbird seat, just where he belongs. This is the same soaring logic that compelled Dr. William Cosby in a symposium in Las Vegas honoring sybarites in 1965, to find his innovative answer the puzzle “Why is there air?”
Having now shown that man is actually the why that the universe has come to be, and that the whole show is here for us, it becomes very clear that our duty as leading citizens of this cosmos is to insure that we remain a viable species. For, dear friends, if we vanish, then the very fundamental basis of this universe vanishes. We owe a debt of responsibility to stars, nebulae, expanding gas clouds and little fluffy kitties to be hyper alert; and we at DOOMbrothers will not shirk that duty!

And so, no, we do not think it is arrogant to view the entirety of the cosmos as revolving around DOOMbrothers. After all, as we have so deftly shown above, it really IS all about us. QED